Relic, 2022

Relic is our most ambitious project yet.

A five-part fantasy epic exploring power, responsibility, and how far you can push a £500 budget.

Also it has a dragon. What more do you want?

Coming 2022.

Follow the magic:

Facade, 2020

Student short which examines mental health at university, and the ways in which it can present itself to the outside world, and at home.

Off, 2020

Our entry into My Rode Reel 2020. A short film about the last few moments shared between a teenage programmer, and the concious AI she coded.

Other projects

A trip to the store (2019)

Karma (2019)

White Reverie (2018)

Al Sabil "The Path" (2019)

Union House, University of East Anglia
Norwich, UK

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