Us and our origins

UEA filmmaking society was founded in 2016 and has been creating content since 2017. We've made short films, documentaries and now a webseries. As a university society, our goal is to create content for and by young people while providing ample filmmaking opportunities to students with any range of experience. 

Each year we have a member-elected committee leading the society. We lead some larger society-wide projects as well as providing guidance to members wanting to produce their own content. To provide this support, we work closely with the university and local organisations. 

Our current committee

Idunn Marthinsen

Originally from Norway, Idunn is currently in her third year of a film and television degree at UEA. She's directed one of our short films, Off. For our webseries, Relic, she's a showrunner, producer, editor and director. For the past two years, her interest in graphic design has influenced the society's branding and social media accounts.

Henry Webb

Henry is a second year International Development student at UEA. He is a showrunner on our webseries, Relic, and has a range of experience in photo and videography, including filming TEDx talks, campaign videos, and events.

Josh Lingwood
Head of Project Support

Now studying his Master’s degree, Josh has been studying film since 2015 at GCSE level. This passion for film has led him to helping on a variety of projects, from student works to content produced for the BBC.

Ruby is a third year English with Creative Writing student, and the current Secretary for Filmmaking, which she has been involved in  throughout all her time at UEA. Having acted in several projects, her main interests are screenwriting and directing, leading her to direct the recent Unthank Production Isolationships.

Will is a second year Geography student at UEA. He has been involved in multiple society film projects, including on Relic as a writer and director. Will has also had experience producing content for Cambridge TV and the BBC, and has managed a YouTube channel for over 8 years.

Elliott is a first-year Politics student looking to expand his hobby and passion for screenwriting and directing. Currently writing and creating his first major project, he is working towards producing content in the future.

Caitlin Faulkner
Social Secretary

Ruby Skippings

Will Tiley

Elliott Lecointe
First Year Representative

Caitlin is a third year history student, and our Social Secretary for this year. Now in her third year in the society, she has worked across many of our society projects, including as a producer and cinematographer for Relic.

Will Stephenson
Health and Safety Officer

While currently in his second year studying philosophy at UEA, Will has a keen interest and curiosity for filmmaking. His primary involvement consists of acting work, but with opportunites such as producer on the webseries Relic, as well as editor on the short film Isolationships, he is broadening his horzions across the film industry.

Sam Rooke
Equality and Diversity Officer

Sam is a Masters student in their 4th year at UEA studying Film, TV & Creative Practise. During their time in Norwich, they’ve been involved in a number of creative projects and roles spanning scriptwriting, studio production, editing, design and social media. Most recently, they’ve worked behind the scenes with production and voice acting for Unthank's new web series Relic.


Union House, University of East Anglia
Norwich, UK

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